Meet the Cast

Desiree Burcum has been a comedy writer and performer in Chicago for many years and is now tickled to bring "A Judy Christmas" to life with her creative gang of misfits. In addition to being a sketch writer and comedian for Famous in the Future, she has written and directed "Underpants Puppets: The Case of the Dirty Drawers," "Chicken Soup for the Damned," "Christian Children's Playhouse," and "Barbie! The Musical!" She also appeared in Lady Laffs Fest with Tina Teske and currently writes music and plays guitar loudly with Frank Carr in their band, The Rut. Desiree wants to thank her friends and family and robot cat, Silver. And she wishes you all a Merry Judy and a Judy New Year!
Michael Hora is thrilled to be back for the second year of this Famous in the Future wonderful Christmas romp. Besides being involved with the Abbie Hoffman Fest at Mary-Arrchie Theatre and the Yippie Fest, he has worked with Davjasfran Entertainment, Soul Savin' Productions, Rick Watkins Productions, 347, The Chicago Park District, Stage Right Dinner Theatre, and Chamber Opera Chicago. He is currently working on opening the Bolingbrook Arts Museum in his hometown, and looking forward to acting more in the upcoming year.
Tina Teske received her B.A. in Theatre from Columbia College, Chicago. She is a long-standing member of sketch group, Famous in the Future, featuring traditional sketch, puppetry and musical comedy. Tina loves spending time with her tribe and honoring her favorite artist as a featured vocalist in all-female David Bowie tribute band, Lady Stardust: She occasionally lends vocal support to dear friend and indie rock artist, Natalie Gaza: Notable performances include Lina’s Café in Forte-de-France, Martinique and Chicago’s House of Blues. Tina’s harmonies can be heard on the 2016 album release, Constant Mercy. When she's not performing or working at her serious day job, Tina goes full beast mode at Orangetheory and bootcamp. Thanks to you, Dear Reader, for coming out to support the arts. xo
Pat McDonald has been a member of FAMOUS IN THE FUTURE (FiF) since 2013, and is honored to write sketches and perform in the troupe. His first post-graduate foray onto the stage was with the BLACK FOREST THEATER company in the 2004 production of FREE HENRY GOODBAR, which included a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005. From that production the rock band THE TELEPATHS was formed, for which Pat is the lead singer. He is also a film critic and entertainment writer for, and does weekly reviews for WBGR-FM (Monroe, WI) and WSSR-FM (Joliet, IL). His obsession with the Judy Garland Christmas Show ... which celebrates its 60th Anniversary ...was the impetus for collaborating with creator Desiree Burcum and FiF for A JUDY CHRISTMAS. He'd like to thank Robin, as well as his amazingly talented fellow cast members. We're doing it again!
Frank Carr has been preparing the role of an eight-year-old boy ever since he was a seven-year-old boy. In addition to being in Famous In The Future forever, Frank is in a band called The Rut where he does not sing.
Michael Bratta is excited to be a part of this production and performing with Famous in the Future. Besides performing in several Yippie Fests, this is his return to the stage in quite some time. His past shows include “Wait Until Dark”, “The Life and Career of Ernie Kovacs”, and the one man show “Good Ushers”. The latter two which he also wrote. This January will mark twenty five years of Mr. Bratta teaching and directing theatre for the Chicago Park District. Michael would like to thank Riah and his family for all their love and support. !