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FIF T-Shirt 
12 ppd

Don't buy those cheap bootleg shirts they sell outside our gigs. Buy the original 50/50 Haynes Heavyweight shirt direct from us for only $12 postage paid. Each Shirt comes sealed in a plastic bag to ensure freshness. This is the same shirt sold at our shows and worn by Famous In The Future cast and crew. (skull+Frank not included)

DVD-R Abbie 2008 

"Poke!" The New Sketch Review for 2008. All new! No Repeats! All fun!

$5 ppd
DVD-R Abbie 2007 
"Smells Like Mean Spirit" (The New Sketch Review)
Underpants Puppet Theatre's 
"The Case of the Dirty Drawers" (Yes! Underpants Puppets!)
Point and Shoot Theatre's
"On Second Thought A Closed Casket Might Have Been a Better Idea"/"Messages Deleted" (Two dark comedies -- Comedy can be dark too)
$5 ppd
DVD-R Abbie 2006 + Peter Jones Gallery
"Please Don't Feed The Assholes"
$5 ppd

All new show performed twice at two locations


DVD-R Abbie 2005
"Common Sense Hasn't Stopped Us Yet"
$5 ppd

Completely new sketch show from 2005

DVD-R Abbie 2004
$5 ppd

Fifteenth anniversary show of new sketches and a few classics from the vault

DVD-R Abbie 2003
"Grace and the Bear"  + "Eau de Famous In The Future"
$5 ppd

Grace & The Bear - A one act comedy about an old woman who wants to be reunited with her High School sweetheart.
eau de famous in the future - New sketches and songs from the FIFers

DVD-R Double Bill  2002
"Chicken Soup for the Dammned" + "Damn Andersen"
$5 ppd

Chicken Soup for the Damned - A musical love story in hell
Damn Andersen - encore of the wildly popular musical

DVD-R Triple Bill 2002
"Two Chicks" + "Damn Andersen" + "Masters of Anonymity"
 $5 ppd

Two Chicks - A dramatic reading of two Chick comics
Damn Andersen - A wildly popular musical about the collapse of Arthur Andersen
Masters Of Anonymity - A collection of sketches and songs

DVD-R 2001
"Barbie! The Musical" + "Fun With Sketches"
$5 ppd

Barbie! The Musical! - Barbie is excited about her big wedding to Ken, but Ken has a secret...
Fun With Sketches - A sort of 'best of' from FIF

DVD-R 2000
"24 Cobettes of Corn"
$5 ppd

A huge sketch show played before a great crowd. Some oldies but goodies were dusted off for this extravaganza.


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Dave's CD
"Here's an Old Favorite I Just Made Up" 
$15 ppd

Enjoy the musical genius of Dave wherever you are.

Dave has assembled his favorite tunes from the Famous In The Future shows and beyond here in this 21 track CD.

Read Terry's review of this CD.

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