August 2015

After performing "Organic Free-Range Non-Genetically Modified Comedy" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XXVII

Tina, Pat, Jason, Frank. Desiree, Jason, and Michael in the front.

August 2014

After performing "Death is its Own Punchline" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XXVI

Desiree, Frank, Tina, Pat, Michael, and Jason.

August 2013

After performing "Twenty-FIF: Silver and Mold" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XXV

(clockwise) Frank, Pat, Michael, Tina, and Desiree. (not pictured: Jason and Jason)

August 2012

After performing "Impending Desperation" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XXIV

Jason, Dave, Frank, Desiree and Pat in the back and Tina and Michael in the front

August 2011

After performing "How Low Can You Go?" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XXIII

L to R: Frank, Desiree, Michael, and Tina

August 2010

After performing "Famous In The Future in 3D!" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XXII

L to R: Frank, Desiree, Michael, Tina, and Rich

August 2009

After performing "Loose Animals" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XXI

L to R: Jason, Frank, Michael, Walker, Mr Jitters, Desiree, and Tina

August 2008

After performing "Poke!" at Abbie Hoffman Fest XX

L to R: Terry, Tina, Michael, Bryn, Frank, Desiree, and Jason

November 2007

After performing "Smells Like Mean Spirit" and "The Case of the Dirty Drawers" at Peter Jones Gallery

L to R: Desiree, Frank, Tina, Michael, Bryn, Jason, and Terry.

August 2006

After performing "Please Don't Feed The Assholes"

L to R: Bryn, Terry, Tina, Michael, Frank, Stephanie, Desiree

August 2005

After performing "Common Sense Hasn't Stopped Us Yet" at the Abbie Fest

Terry, Frank, Desiree, Karen, Michael (Ellen not pictured)


August 2004

After performing "FIF-teen" at the Abbie Fest


September 2003

Right after a Grace and the Bear & eau de famous in the future show

Patrick, Terry, Kevin
Colleen, Michael, Desiree, Frank

August 2003

Abbie Fest

Nov 2002

After a successful Chicken Soup/Damn Andersen run

(tallest first) Tom, Terry, Frank, Molly, Patrick, Desiree, Guy, and Karen

August 2002 Mary-Arrchie

Desiree, Terry, Karen, Tom (our Andersen/2 Chicks narrator), Frank, and Guy

August 2002


August 2002

the "band" picture

Mary-Arrchie 2001

Desiree, Frank, Karen, Terry, Heather, Kevin, and Guy (squatting)



Abbie fest mastermind Rich looks on suspiciously

Mary-Arrchie 2000.

Desiree, Frank, Karen, Karney, Guy, and Terry.

Mary-Arrchie 1999

Desiree, Dave, Frank, Terry, Guy, and Karen

Mary-Arrchie 1998

Desiree, Frank, Terry, Karen, Dave, and Guy

Mary-Arrchie 1997

(from the top) Frank, Dave, Nathan (tech), Terry, Kim, and Desiree

Mary-Arrchie 1996

(standing) Dave, Holly, Karen, and Terry

(sitting) Nathan (tech), Jerry, Frank, Jennifer (holding Fluffy)

First cast picture, 1989

Joe, Frank, Cheryl, Bob, Dave, Lake, Dave, Rick, Terry, and Renata (suspended)

A fun picture created by Pam
Another fun picture created by Pam
Barbie! the musical


February 2001
Underpants Puppet Theatre


Famous in the Future Thanksgiving 1948
Michael Plays his new song "cheese and  sausage" for the gals, 1954
Karen buying a round of beers after a show, 1938
Terry performs his new sketch "The Crazy Cook" for the group, 1956
The group gives the OK for Terry to pull Guy's finger, 1960
Mr Slappy and Dave, promo picture 1951
Frank's rights getting violated at an anti-improv rally (March 3rd 1967)
Frank and Desiree get served breakfast by the newest cast member (May 2050)
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