Frank is a founding member of the group and the only one of the original four not smart enough to stop. He likes to write and perform sketches where he only has to make faces or act like a dog. In addition to the above, he likes to play medicore guitar in imaginary bands and is still looking to find his "sound". Outside in the cold real world, Frank freelances doing just about anything with computers and works at a market research firm. Since he does not have A/C, he's an expert at when to open the windows and use a fan. He has produced several cable-access TV shows for the troupe as well as others such as Hipster's Mad Record Party and Fingal's Cave (edited with Adobe Premiere). Being a geek, the video editing and website duties fall on him. Oh, and he's in the Guiness Book of World Records as the worlds tallest dwarf.
Desiree has performed with the Milwaukee Children's Theater Company, Comedy Sportz, Scene of the Crime Productions, and Naked T.V. She joined FIF and jumped into sketch writing in 1997. She's eternally grateful to write and perform with such a creative group. In 2000, she wrote and directed "Barbie! the musical". In 2002 she wrote and directed  "Chicken Soup for the Damned.", and "Christian Children's Playhouse" in 2004. Desiree wrote and directed "The Case of The Dirty Drawers" in 2007.
Michael is thrilled to be in his tenth season with FIF playing such roles as Fabulousman, Commando, George Bush, Frito Baggs, Ann Coulter (twice!), Big Mama Panties, and even a dancing envelope. Michael is the resident director for The Theatre of Purpose and has worked with Black Cat Productions, Stage Right Dinner Theatre, American Opera Group, and Cosmic Jello. He has also appeared in several independent films around Chicago. Michael would like to send out a big thanks to all his co-horts at FIF as well as a big kiss to MS.

Tina Teske received her B.A. in Theatre from Columbia College in Chicago. Though she has a serious day job (which thankfully pays her mortgage), her first love is performing (after tiny dogs wearing tiny sweaters...natch). Tina has been "sketching" with Famous in the Future since 2006. She has performed in numerous theatrical productions. Favorite roles include Joan in the two-person drama, The Guys, Helga Ten Dorp in Deathtrap and Dr. Einstein in Arsenic and Old Lace. Tina gets behind the mic from time to time to belt out 70s and 80s classics. She is currently focusing on recruiting “The Band” (hey kids, let’s start a band!). And when she’s not working, acting or singing she can be found RUNNINNG and running and running and running. And when shen she’s not working, acting, singing, or running, Tina may be found holed up with reality TV, video games and horror movies or ‘round the firepit with marshmallows and a pointy stick.
Patrick McDonald has always been a 'performer,'¯ if living in quiet desperation can be described as 'performing.'¯ In 2004, he joined the one-of-a-kind rhythms of the Black Forest Theater, and they triumphantly took their show 'Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath'¯ all the way to the Edinburgh (Scotland) Festival. Soon afterward, in keeping with the spirit of the naming cycle, he became lead singer for the cult band The Telepaths¯ – and by cult he means fairly dismissed – and he thought that gyrating like a mental patient equalled the ssubtlety of sketch comedy. He lives in today's economy with jobs as diverse as film Uber Critic, Chicago Film Tour guide and copywriter schlepper for The Man. He is thrilled to be the new guy¯ in FintheF, and to be put through the initiation¯ with the skill, humor and patience of Frank, Desi, Tina, Michael and Jason. Watch out Chicago comedy, we're coming to get cha.

DAVE Dave is one of the founding members of the group going all the way back to 1989. These days Dave does not perform regularly with the troups because he's a very talented real-life working musician. He composes the music for most of our songs. Sometimes we have a tune in mind when we come to him, sometimes not. Either way, Dave records the magic that you hear on stage. Dave is a phenominal musician. He was a founding father and was the first person to introduce the comedy song to the group. Many shows featured one or two songs by Dave that ended up being the best bits in the show. Til this day, people sing his old songs like "Stop That Guy" and "Tonowanda". He wrote the official theme song (aka "The Photocopy Song") and remains today a part of the group providing music to new songs with his incredible keyboards. Dave's website


Jason has been doing the sound and lights for many years. Recently, he got to venture on to the stage with us for some special roles.

Why am I the last one???!?!?! I'm funnier than Frank and I've been around longer than the new guy. Man, you suck. Ok, here's my bio:
Began as a street performer in Florida in the1970's. Later, he took his dancing talents to an on-air cameo on "Soul Train." Joined the Chicago comedy group Famous in the Future in 1997 as a bit player and was later featured in the play "Christian Children's Playhouse" for Screaming Cow Productions. Although he still pursues fame in LA and London, he is often featured in live theater with his drinking buddies and fellow performers at Famous in the Future. Special shout out to Eddy the Yeddy and Uncle Shakey--wherever you are.

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